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10 icons from 1 image challenge

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Created on 2017-06-20 22:19:52 (#3222696), last updated 2017-08-03 (11 weeks ago)

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Name:10 icons from 1 image challenge
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:10 icon variations of the same image
[community profile] 10variations comes from an old icon challenge community that took part in livejournal many years ago. I loved that community and the concept, so I thought I should bring it back in Dreamwidth for everyone to play and enjoy!

You have to choose one image and create 10 different icons from that image. The key of the challenge is that the same image is used in every icon while all of them must be different. For now we have 2 sets of themes and it's up to you which one you use (you may use both, then you will make 10 variations of an image for set 1 and then 10 variations of the same image for set 2).

This is the good old set, feel free to ask the mod about interpretation if you are unsure.
1) Unresized
2) Rotated
3) Desaturated
4) Mirrored
5) Twice
6) Altered colour
7) Full image
8) Texture
9) Original (no text, brushes, gradients or other images, adjustment layers and layer effects allowed)
10) Not square

This is the additional set, feel free to ask the mod about interpretation if you are unsure.
1) Comic [explained here]
2) Text
3) Brush
4) Glow
5) Frame
6) Empty space
7) Multiple
8) Animated
9) Black & one colour (desaturated + red, desaturated + yellow, etc)
10) Dots

-All icons must be optimized to be used in Dreamwidth (see the FAQ)
-Bases are not allowed, you must use unaltered images for your icons
-Also, you must be the maker of the icons, if you aren't and are found to be stealing people's icons, you will be banned
-Be sure to have permission to use fanart in your icons

-You can get a table to post your icons here, or use your own!
-Use a cut when posting your icons, a maximum of 3 teasers can be posted outside the cut.
-You can make a banner to accompany your 10variations post (instead of icon teasers) with a text like "10 variations of --subject name--" using the image you used to make the icons, just be sure it's 300 x 130 pixels.
-If you take any icons, please make sure you credit the maker
-Don't hotlink/directlink the icons or images shared in this community
-Comments are encouraged, that way we can learn and let others know that we like their work
-Constructive criticism is allowed, but don't bash anyone in the community and also, makers, don't take critiques too seriously. Let's all be nice
-TAGGING: Take a look at the tags and choose the tag according to the category of your subject and to the themes set. If you feel you need a new tag that isn't already created, contact a mod about it!
-All 10 icons must be posted in the same entry. Don't post them separately, just post them when you have them all.
-Posting a link to your graphics journal/community is allowed and encouraged, please post a link to the actual icons post too.
-Please use the following form when posting:

This isn't a challenge with winners, we all win because our creative juices start working to create great icons! :D But you will get a badge (made by the mod) for participating and completing the challenge. Just be patient while I make the badges! It will usually take less than a week but I'll let you know
Also, everyone's more than welcome to comment on everyone's entries, talk about the icons and techniques and just have fun. This community's purpose is to be creative and have a good time while icon making!

[community profile] icontalking
[community profile] dailyicons
Please contact the mod if you wish to affiliate!

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