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Subject: Jemma Simmons
Category: TV Show
Image URL: http://screencapped.net/tv/agentsofshield/displayimage.php?album=25&pid=36225#top_display_media
Set of themes used: Set 2

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Thank you for joining the community, everyone! I hope to see your submissions soon and to create a nice community together.
If you need anything or would like to ask any questions, please don't be shy ♥
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Subject: Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)
Category: TV Show
Image URL: original here
Set of themes used: Set 1

Agent Dale Cooper )
-Credit [community profile] inconformista.
-Please don't alter the icons or claim them as your own.
-Textless icons are not bases.
-Don't directlink. Download and upload to your own server!!

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I would like to welcome everyone to this community! You can read more about it's purpose and guidelines in the profile.

If anyone needs to address anything regarding the community, rules or any problems, you can do so here.

Also, here's the table I use to post the icons, in case anyone would want it. If you use Themes Set 2, be sure to change the Theme names :D!

Enjoy the community and don't be shy to join and start sharing your icons! I can't wait to see them :D


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10 icons from 1 image challenge